EVX-5400 - Two-Way Radio with 512 Channel capacity CE models

Available in 25W UHF 403-470MHz

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Hardware features:
- Rugged die-cast chassis
- Programmable channel spacing 12.5/20/25KHz
- Large 8 Digit Alphanumeric display
- Internal speaker
- 6 programmable Keys
- Large rotary volume control
- 15 pin HDB15 Rear Accessory Connector

Operator friendly controls and features include:
- CTCSS / DCS, 2 Tone, 5 Tone En/Decode, MDC1200 En/Decode, DTMF En/Decode, FFSK data
- Stun/Revive/Kill (5 Tone), Stun/Revive (MDC1200), Stun/Revive digital
- Lone worker and Emergency
- Programmable channel spacing 12.5/20/25KHz
- Digital Call Management Features, (All call, Group Call, Private Call)
- Option board capable (License on request)
- ARTS II (Automatic Range Transpond System with MDC1200 auto ID)
- Clear Voice (back ground noise reduction)
- Channel Announcement (dealer recordable / multi language)
- Dynamic Tx power control
- VOX hands free operation (Internal and External mic)
- Live Dial DTMF (using keypad mic)
- Voice inversion scrambling - built in
- Analogue/Digital Scan
- Dual Slot direct mode
- Audio Companding
- Transmit Interrupt
- Direct Channel entry
- Site Search
- Radio Check (Digital)
- Digital DTMF
- Remote Monitor(Digital)
- Pre-programmed Texting and direct entry Text (Digital)
- Basic/Enhanced Privacy/ 256 encryption (Digital)

All EVX-5400 Mobiles include:
- Mobile radio with display
- Mobile mounting bracket
-Operating manual and safety leaflet

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